President Museveni Apologises to Supporters for Not Stopping to Greet Them


President Museveni has apologized to his NRM supporters who crowded along the road asking him to stop and greet them but continued with his journey.

The Head of State had gone to Namalere Agricultural Station in Wakiso district to flag off value addition equipment which has been bought by the Ugandan government which contributed 70% of the money and 30% by the farmers themselves.

This equipment included maize mills, food driers, processors, and packaging tools which are going to be used by farmers to add value to their harvest so that they can be able to earn more money from their sweat.

On his way back, a large number of people gathered along the way on various trading centers of Kawanda town, Kawanda valley, Kagoma, and all the way Bwaise town. They wanted the President to stop and address them but he couldn’t stop because of the Covid 19 pandemic that we are fighting.

‘I apologise to all my supporters who came by the roadside to show me support. I don’t want you to think that I ignored you or didn’t want to stop but I was simply following the Standard operating procedures’

In an official statement, President Museveni said that most of the people on the roadside did not have masks and they were crowded. The standard operating procedures were not being followed and by stopping, he would be violating his own directives.

The President has reminded Ugandans that we are still fighting the covid-19 pandemic and its killing some of our people although they aren’t many. The NRM supporters should know that we are still living in the new normal.

However, the President noted that his National Resistance Movement party is still very strong and influential in the country. Wherever I go people gather and want me to speak to them.

The President’s party has been under criticism in the recent primary elections for their flag bearers around the country which were marred by large crowds that became violent and didn’t follow the health guidelines set by their own government to fight the spread of covid-19.

Uganda will be going to the polls early next year and President Museveni is facing stiff competition from the National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

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