Police in Kampala has confirmed the arrest of 21 Ugandans engaged in a ‘sex party’. The incident happened in a private house located in Kireka, Kira municipality which is a Kampala capital city suburb.

“True, we have arrested them and are now under custody at Kira Division police station waiting for files to be arraigned in court (hopefully today)” said Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango.

These 21 people including 13 women were tracked down after police gathered intelligence and planted informants to monitor and inform police ‘when’ the party starts.

“Towards midnight, the police were notified that the sex games had started and we swung into action and caught the participants red-handed. Onyango confirmed the incident that has rocked social media in Uganda.

They have been arrested on charges of disobedience of lawful orders and doing acts that are likely to cause the spread of infectious disease, which in this case police highlight Covid-19.

Police haven’t revealed the names of the suspects but confirm that most of them were between 20-40 years.

It should be noted that Uganda is under curfew (originally starting at 6 pm till 5.30 am but later lifted to start at 9 pm) announced by the President in March to curb COVID-19.

Whereas many sectors of the country are open, entertainment places are still on lockdown with the President arguing that it’s difficult for inebriated (of course on assumption that all that visit bars drink) people to maintain social distancing.

In our efforts to verify the authenticity of this allegation we contacted a person whose phone number appears on the poster announcing the said ‘sex party’.

“Originally I knew of this party but I have long since left the group that was organizing it because I am a married man and employed with a reputable company,” said the man on condition of anonymity.

“My marriage and job are now on the line so I am willing to volunteer any information to the police or anyone if at all it exonerates me” he added while confirming that he has received more calls today (including from Police) than at any time this year.

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