‘Mnangagwa Lies About WHO’, Says Zim Fact-Checking Platform


A Zimbabwean fact-checking platform, (ZimFact) has exposed how President Emmerson Mnangagwa lied that the World Health Organisation (WHO) had ranked Zimbabwe “among countries that instituted better mitigatory measures against the deadly disease (coronavirus)”.

The State Media, Herald, on October 7, reported that Mnangagwa said WHO had raked Zimbabwe among countries that we’re winning the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The newspaper was quoting Mnangagwa, addressing business leaders who were donating towards Ekusileni Hospital in Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, Bulawayo.

The Herald story said, “Zimbabwe has been ranked number 102 by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The rankings were crafted in such a manner that countries in the single-digit category did not do well in fighting the pandemic while those with double digits did better and those with three digits did well.

“Those with single digits didn’t do well. Those with double digits were better than those with single digits but Zimbabwe goes to the three digits. We are number 102.”

The Herald further quotes Mnangagwa saying that the “US was on number 1, Brazil 2, Russia 3, India 4, Britain 5 and South Africa 7” on this claimed ranking.

ZimFact however dismissed it as “false”, Mnangagwa’s claims adding that WHO did not conduct such rankings.

“No evidence of WHO ranking

“ZimFact could not find any evidence of such a ranking by the WHO.

“The WHO publishes a live dashboard of global coronavirus cases. The dashboard provides an up-to-date tally of coronavirus cases around the world, based on data from governments. It also shows the most affected countries by the number of confirmed cases.

“As of October 11, the US had the highest number of cases with over 7,583,748 cases, followed by India with just over 7 million cases. Other countries listed among the 12 most affected are Brazil, Russia, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Peru, Mexico, South Africa, France, and the United Kingdom.

“The WHO does not, however, rank how countries have handled the pandemic, as claimed by Mnangagwa.

” President Mnangagwa’s claim that Zimbabwe has been ranked among the countries that have responded better to COVID-19 is false. There is no evidence of any such ranking by the Who,” ZimFact said in a statement.

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