Zim High Court Judge Isaac Muzenda Rapes a Woman, Leaves Son Arrested

Judge Muzenda in red tie

An agonizing and excruciating discussion of a woman called Tsitsi Mutendadzamera Moyo and this publication has exposed a Zimbabwean High Court Judge, Isaac Muzenda who raped her when she was 19 and abandoned their son whose now 25 being arrested.

According to Matendadzamera Muzenda is her uncle’s former boss’s friend and the mayhem happened in 1994 when she was 19 years old, soon after she finished O Level.

She was discussing with Josephine Mahachi of the Live Chat with Josey when she adamantly claimed that Muzenda raped her, she got pregnant and he asked her to terminate the pregnancy.

After pregnancy termination failure, Matendadzamera says Muzenda took their 3 year old son and stayed with him.

The name of the son is Taonga Brandon Muzenda.

Taonga Muzenda at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison

But she was very uneasy with a report she received a few months ago that her son is being incarcerated at the country’s most notorious and biggest jail, the Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison through a prison warden named Zharare who phoned her brother.

She narrated:

“I met Isaac Muzenda in 1994 when I finished my A-Level. They would come to our house as our uncles. They grew up together with my parents. One of our uncles, a brother to Muzenda, had a solar company. He employed me. Muzenda would come to the office visiting his brother.

“One day, he found me alone in my office and raped me. I was afraid to report because I was very young and I didn’t want to lose the job because my uncle supported him.

“He slept with me in that office, I got pregnant and I told him. He gave me money to terminate the pregnancy but I told my mother of the situation. She told me to buy preparation instead of terminating pregnancy.

“I defended him for a long time because he was giving me money for preparation arguing that he didn’t want to be exposed since the case was tantamount to him losing his job.

“He rented me a one room, didn’t send food and I had to go back to my mom’s place. I didn’t tell her who the father of the child was. Unfortunately, she died before she knew the father of my son.

“It’s now over 25 years since I was raped by Judge Isaac Muzenda. He took my child when he was two years old with the help of his wife. They stayed with him, constantly returning him when I asked for help from him. They could always take him when I’m silent.

“At one point they took him and stayed with him until he became a grown person. I didn’t receive any complaints from the child. One time he fell critically sick and I was told of the situation by friends in the hospital he was admitted.

“I had to send my relatives to see him.

“Three years back, I started to receive reports that my son was mischievous and his father started calling me. I took the child. We had to admit him at Ngomahuru for four or less months before they took him.

“I was then told that my son was arrested and detained at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison. I called his father asking why he didn’t tell me that the son was not well. We exchanged until I gave up.

“I had to engage a relative at Chikurubi and he is the one who updates me about the welfare of the child.

“My son is in jail right now, no one knows when he will be released. I’m Johannesburg, I lost my job and I can’t go back to Zimbabwe to see my son because I’m stranded and staying with my sister. I don’t even know why my son is in jail,” she said.

This publication contacted Muzenda for a comment but he quickly rejected the allegations and dubiously deleted WhatsApp messages with our reporter.

But Josey News Network had already captured in screen shots, all the messages and kept them for the record.

Muzenda was appointed judge together with seven other judges in 2017 when President Emmerson Mnangagwa grabbed power through a military coup that ousted the late former president Robert Mugabe.

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