About Angela Merkel, arguably the best leader of the free world.

She is the Chancellor of Germany, a physics and chemical scientist turned politician (she speaks German, English and Russian perfectly). She leads the strongest economy in Europe and the most stragegic in the world, and exports more than US$ 1,550 billion annually.

She receives no free state service, no housing, no electricity, no gas, no entertainment expenses, no personal chef, no water, no free phone from the Federal Republic of Germany budget, and lives her life humbly like any other German citizen.

She does her own shopping (in the photo, in a Berlin Supermarket), carries her own shopping bags, pays for her purchases and if she receives a parking ticket, she pays out of her own pocket.

A reporter recently asked her, “Do you remember I’ve taken a photo of you in this same dress ten years ago? She told him: “My mission is to serve my fellow Germans, not to be a model.”

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