EndSARS Potest: Women Join In The Protest As Protesters Keep Vigil


Yesterday in Agege area of Lagos state had a different look on the nature of EndSAR protest as women in their number joined in solidarity. The women came out in hundreds chanting and pleading “stop killing our children”.

Some women who were interviewed asked the government to should ensure the scrapping of the Federal Anti-Robbery Squad which has inflicted pains on them as mothers.

Again, in Alausa, Lagos State, youth have decided to spend the night and continue their protest at the entrance of the Lagos House Assembly.

It is expected the protest will last till the early hour of Saturday, October 10. This is to bring the attention of the government to the grievances of the masses over the illegal detention, harassment, confiscation of items, and killing of innocent citizens by the Special Anti –Robbery Squad in the past.

The unit was created in 1992 by the former police commissioner, Simeon Danladi Midenda. The major reason SARS was formed was when Col. Rimda of the Nigeria Army was killed at Lagos at a checkpoint by a police officer. This brought reaction when soldiers took the street of Lagos looking for police in retaliation over the death of the colonel. Many police fled for their lives, while others resigned.

 As a result of police absence for two weeks, the crime rate increased in Lagos and the police commissioner later formed a 15-man officer operating in shadows without the notice of the army. It was him who named them Special Anti-Robbery Squad, with the power to detain, investigate, interrogate and prosecute anybody involved in armed robbery, kidnapping among other crimes.

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