Zimbabwean Opposition Leader Calls For Schools to Close


Zimbabwe’s Opposition Leader Jacob Ngarivhume has urged parents to stop their children from attending school as the country’s education system continues to deteriorate due to COVID-19 and teachers strike.

Ngarivhume who is the president of Transform Zimbabwe and Convener of the July 31 Movement was speaking to media during a visit to schools in Harare, the country’s capital.

“I want to encourage parents to withdraw their children from school as a matter of urgency, and the educational crisis has deepened to the point that you cannot let your children stay at school without any guidance,” Ngarivhume said.

He said there was no reason for parents to continue sending their children to school where there are neither teachers nor guidance.

“Most if not all the schools have got no teachers you can only see the headmaster and the deputy as well as reception staff,” Ngarivhume added.

Ngarivhume added that the teachers have abandoned the students in most government schools hence exposing them to moral decadence.

“The children are on their own and are not taking classes with no one to look after them,” Ngarivhume added.

His call comes at a time teachers in Zimbabwe have vowed not to go back to their various workstations until government address their salary crisis.

Teachers in Zimbabwe are getting salaries equivalent to US$35 and have argued that the money does not meet their operational cost.

In their arguments Teachers Unions have said the government should revert their salaries to the 2018 period when they used to get between US$350 and US$500.

According to Ngarivhume Zimbabwean schools should be closed until the salary issue has been resolved.

“It’s apparent that we close all schools and the stakeholders converge government, labor, parents, and businesses discuss the better way to reform our schools because as it stands now we are at a greater risk” Ngarivhume concluded.

Social media in Zimbabwe has been awash with pictures and videos of students allegedly from Zimbabwe who recorded themselves engaging in drug abuse and sex escapades while on school premises.

Parents in Zimbabwe have since blamed the government for calling for the opening of schools without resolving their impasse with teachers.

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