Ugandan Muslim Women Protest for Abuse of Their Rights on Veiling.


Uganda Muslim Women have appealed to the government and the Speaker of parliament to amend the constitution which makes them feel abused by immigration officials. The women claim that their rights to dress as Muslim women are violated whenever they are taking pictures for travel documents.

The legal advisor of the Uganda Muslim Women’s Vision Faridah Nambi says that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has technology that can detect the identity of a person but they continue to abuse the rights of the Muslim Women by telling them to unveil.

‘We are in a world where technology is developed and are able to tell someone’s identity by metrics and thumbprint even without unveiling’

The Chairperson of the women’s vision Aisha Namukwaya says that Muslim women in Uganda are uncomfortable and feel highly opposed to the way they are being handled in a way that undermines and lowers their dignity.

However, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal affairs Jacob Simunyu defends the institution’s actions and insists that everything is done in line with the international standards to ensure the security of all people traveling around the world.

‘We must be able to see the entire face of the person before issuing any document for security purposes and we do it in compliance with what is done internationally’

He insists that Muslim women are always given privacy while their pictures are being taken and no one else can access the photo booth apart from the camera person and the woman whose photo is being taken. However, women are allowed to come when they have already exposed the features that are needed by the Ministry of Internal affairs to avoid being forced to expose them.

The Secretary of Uganda Women’s Vision Zaitun Kakyama has appealed to higher authorities to intervene. The Speaker of Parliament the Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga should come out and handle the matter personally. The government has also been asked to come out and handle this matter like other countries that have already addressed this issue.

All Muslim women around the world know that the dress code is the first identity and headdress. Every religion has its own dress code which should be respected by the government’s world over.

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