Nigeria’s Leadership Failure, a Reason for Africa’s Problems – Sowore


Nigerian Activist and 2019 presidential aspirant for the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has attributed the failure in the leadership of Nigeria as the reason Africa is yet to experience the deserved growth it needs, adding that the country has failed to provide a blueprint which other African countries should follow.

Well known for his revolutionary activities in Nigeria, Sowore was in August 2019 detained by the Department of State Services over charges of money laundering, cyberstalking, allegedly sharing false and insulting information about President Muhammadu Buhari.

Sowore while emphasizing his point in a chat with Josey described Africa like a pistol pointing downwards and Nigeria has a trigger, when the trigger fails to work then it can’t shoot.

“I meet African’s all the time and they say to me, what’s wrong with Nigeria, what if we have a situation when nothing is wrong with Nigeria and there is leadership where others can follow. I have met with the Biafra agitators, the reason why they want to leave Nigeria is that Nigeria is not working for them, for the Yoruba agitators, it is because Nigeria is un-just, un-fair and wicked”, he said.

“Countries around Europe are begging to enter the European Union because they have one currency, citizenship, and integration that is easy and transportation but nobody wants to live where there is no justice, Nigeria is such a difficult place to live because the leaders have it ungovernable, uncomfortable, and unhabitable”.

While addressing the measures his movement is putting in place to ensure that it is stronger than opposition parties before the 2023 elections, Sowore said the movement will be a coalition of the oppressed which everybody who knows how the business should be done will come together.

He went further to describe the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) and the All Progressives Congress ( APC) as transactional vehicles for taking power in Nigeria stating that there is no difference between the two parties as members easily defect when things do not happen in their favor.

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