President Museveni Reveals How He Hated Killing For Quick Results at The 22nd National Prayer Breakfast


President Museveni graced the 22nd National Prayer breakfast at State House Entebbe together with the First lady and Minister of Education Janet Museveni.

‘When we were fighting we had the capacity to kill people. Some of our people could say let’s go and kill and we did it but somehow I never liked the idea of killing people to get quick results. I will write a book about it to be published after my death’.

At the colorful function which was attended by various religious leaders and top government officials, the President asked them to always remind the citizens that the wages of sin are death and for righteousness you get blessings. Its Common knowledge that we started the liberation war with only 27 guns but God blessed us and we overthrew the dictatorial regime.

The President shared some of the memorable moments when God saved his life.

‘On 22nd January 1973 when we were fighting Amin’s soldiers, we were attacked and I ran into a forest which saved my life but I didn’t know that my colleagues had been killed but as I was walking towards Mbale town, I met a young boy walking in the opposite direction and he told me to go back because there was a fight and two soldiers were killed and one escaped’.

In my mind, I knew it was me he was talking about. But the question is who brought this boy? It was God who brought him to save me. I learned that we should always avoid evil wherever we are and know that God exists.

President Museveni reminded Ugandans that the Covid-19 pandemic is still in the country and will continue enforcing the standard operating procedures and not act like Pontius Pilate in the bible who listened to the words of the people and let Jesus be crucified

Hon. Cecilia Ogwal told the congregation that when we are confronted by a pandemic like now, this reflects the anger of God as he says in Romans 1:18.

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”

God remembered Noah in the 10th month of the year and God remembered Uganda in the same month to get independence.  God will heal and protect our land because Uganda is a blessed country.

Many of the decisions the President took never made us comfortable and we kept condemning him for closing the churches but the Lord has preached to us that we are the church, not the buildings.

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