Cameroon: School Resumption Picks up Steam Across Anglophone Regions


More schools in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon have continued to open their doors for the new school year. It’s a great improvement in school attendance in four years. This follows a four year school boycott launched by separatist’s fighters as a way to attract international attention to their secession crisis that started in the two Anglophone regions way back in 2017 and has dragged on now for close to four years. Schools were closed late 2016 at the wake of the Anglophone secession revolution to break away from the French part of the country and form a new state called Ambazonia.

This year’s school resumption has been marked by global campaign by separatist leaders and fighters, some in the Diaspora and some serving prison terms in Yaoundé, Cameroons capital.

Amongst those who have continued to encourage schools to resume is the leader of the coffin revolution, Mancho Bibixy who is serving over 10yrs sentence

According to him, cool boycott has never been strategy to gain independence and will never be. It was part of civil disobedience to bring our plight to the world. That has been done and it was successful. It’s now and outdated tactic and we must be true to our selves.

The school boycott has rather made Cameroon united as thousands of parents and school going children have moved away from the English speaking regions to the French regions for refuge and to seek education. As many fear that what was described as a departure zone from the French part of Cameroon, education and administration will now instead unite Cameroon and make Cameroonians united. “The desire to free the people is in the blood and not where you study or grow up. Mosses was never united with the Egyptians because he grew up in Egypt many Anglophones born in the USA are in the struggle though they have never seen home and the injustice we suffer” Mancho added.

Stella Fru, a form three student in Bamenda says she is so happy to be back in the classroom.”I have missed school for 3years.i would have been in high school by just happy our school has reopened this year. i miss my friends and classmates and I’m happy t meet them again.

This week the governor of the northwest region, Adolph Lele L’Afrique has been making a tour of some schools in Bamenda. At each stop, he encourages the pupils, students and teachers for taking the courage to return to class. At each stop, he distributed face masks and encourage all to respect Covid 19 barrier measures.

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