Mwonzora Tricked Us For Personal Gains: MDC Youths Regret


Zimbabwe- Youths from Zimbabwe’s main opposition party have said they were paid off by party Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora to fight his opponent Nelson Chamisa at the expense of the party’s unity.

This was said by Harare Province youths who took the party headquarters last week in a bid to force party leaders to unite against the ruling party Zanu PF.

“Mwonzora promised us money and party positions if we join the MDCT faction while claiming to be upholding the party constitution but he has proved to be worse than the ruling party Zanu PF,” a top youth leader who spoke on condition of anonymous told JNN news this morning.

The youth leader said Mwonzora turned into a dictator after the Supreme Court ruling and instead of uniting the party ahead of the 2023 elections his actions have weakened the party.

“We were supposed to unite the party but there seems to be one person pushing his agenda while we are following, that is what we are now trying to reverse by forcing our leaders to unite,” the youth leader said.

According to some MDCT youths, Mwonzora has threatened to expel PaulGorekore and BatanaiMasunda who are the masterminds of the Harvest House takeover.

“Mwonzora is baying for their blood and was supposed to recall Masunda as councilor of Epworth last week, he believes as secretary of Youth Assembly Masunda has influence which can threaten his ascendency to party presidency,” the youth leader told Josey News Network.

The rift in the MDCT was worsened by the Supreme Court Judgement which ordered the MDCT to revert to the 2014 structures while nullifying the appointment of Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri as vice presidents of the party.

After the judgment,  MDCT leaders ThokozaniKhupe and Mwonzora have massively recalled MDC T Legislators and Councillors who are loyal to rival Chamisa.

“We have argued that recalling elected officials is giving Zanu PF room to destroy us and Mwonzora through his dictatorial tendencies has allowed that,” he added.

“After expelling Gorekore and Masunda he is definitely going to expel the rest of the youths replacing us with his lieutenants who were not part of the 2014 structures and leave MDC T vulnerable to Zanu PF manipulation” he added.

He further said it was now important for the MDCT Youths to fight the expulsions and recalls by forcing the party leaders to unite.

The youths accused Mwonzora of destroying the party for selfish gains.

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