Khupe Swearing-In Ceremony a Death of Zimbabwe’s Democracy: Analysts Speak Out


Political Analysts in Zimbabwe have chastised the appointment of MDCT leaders into parliament despite losing elections in 2018 as a political fraud meant to destroy the little gains of democracy.

This comes after six opposition party MDCT leaders were today sworn in as proportional representatives MPs replacing those who were recalled since the issuance of the Supreme Court judgment in April this year.

Political commentator Pedzisai Ruhanya said the action moved Zimbabwean Parliament from being a representative democracy to a citadel of unrepresentative democracy.

“Elections without democracy and the menu of manipulation is what Zimbabwe is witnessing with Zanu PF picking loser Khupe to be an MP shows that parliament has become a citadel of unrepresentative democracy,” Ruhanya said.

The 6 MPS that were sworn in include the MDCT leader Thokozani Khupe, Yvone Musarurwa, Moyo Lindani, Sawuke January, Munochinzwa Memory, Sibanda Lwazi, and Mokone Sipho.

The six are part of the 15 legislators that were appointed by MDCT to fill in vacant positions that came as a result of the recall of legislators loyal to MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

Political commentator Innocent Mangwiro said the recall of elected MPs replacing them with unelected ones was against democracy as it overrides a key tenet of public participation.

“The ongoing recalls of elected members of parliament and local government who had been elected under the Movement of Democratic Change ALLIANCE  (MDC A) without the participation of the people who elected to such positions is a serious onslaught to democratic development in Zimbabwe,” Mangwiro said.

ChaltonHwende the Secretary-General of MDC Alliance described the move as a complete capture of the three arms of the state and said the legislative arm had ceased to be independent.

“The swearing-in of Thokozani Khupe completes Mnangagwa’s capture of all the arms of the state and the so-called official opposition in Zimbabwe. It’s a sad day of democracy and the end of a people’s parliament. At this point we must now seriously consider our options,” Hwende wrote on his twitter page.

Hwende is part of the 32 legislators who have been recalled by the ThokozaniKhupe led MDC T and he has continuously accused the ruling party Zanu PF and Khupe of conspiring to destroy Zimbabwe’s opposition.

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