‘Love of Women Messed up Mnangagwa’s Sense of Morality,’ says Jonathan Moyo


Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has sensationally claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was a self-serving character adding that his humility was messed up by having too many relationships with other women outside marriage.

Speaking at a Live Chat with Josey recently, the former Information minister accused Mnangagwa of orchestrating violence characterized by abductions, torture, and arrest of the dissent in the country.

He said that Mnangagwa lacked a character that brands one a Statesman and accused him of having too many children and women all over the country.

Moyo added that Mnangagwa was more concerned with pleasing his cronies, family, and friends than the country.

“He is about himself, his family, his cronies, people like Kuda Tagwirei, his relatives, Edwin Manikai, Hebert Nkala, John Mushayavanhu, Douglas Munatsi. He is about his sons, Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior. He is about his wife, Auxillia Mnangagwa. He is about his small houses.

“It is a moral disaster that we have a President who has women and children all over the place. While it’s a personal matter and none of our business and while those persons involved are Zimbabweans they must be respected because they are also protected by the Constitution regardless of their relationships. There is the point that these relationships have messed up Mnangagwa’s sense of morality or lack of morality.


“He does not have the common decency that is required for a person holding that position. He has the moral decency of a mafia. No country deserves that.

“His associations are problematic, not from today, they have been problematic from day one,” Moyo said.

Mnangagwa assumed leadership of the country in November 2017 after a military coup that ousted late former president Robert Mugabe.

A few years before 2017, the ruling Zanu-PF party was rocked with factionalism, Mnangagwa as leader of the Lacoste faction and former First Lady Grace Mugabe as leader of the G-40 faction.

Leaders of G-40 remnants, former cabinet ministers like Walter Mzembi, Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, and Patrick Zhuwao fled the country soon after the coup as Mnangagwa’s faction was assuming power and threatening to arrest them.

But Mnangagwa in 2017 promised to re-engage the country with the international community through ending human rights abuses and corruption.

Three years down the line, the international community is condemning his regime for failing to respect human rights amid arrests, abductions, and torture of journalists, political activists, opposition politicians, and the dissent.

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