“Let Bygones be Bygones,” Obert Mpofu tells Gukurahundi victims


ZIMBABWE- the secretary for Administration in Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu PF ObertMpofu has said the neo colonizers have been manipulating the Gukurahundi tragedy to further an anti-government agenda, urging Zimbabweans to move on from the tragedy.

Mpofu said Zimbabweans should let bygones be bygones whilst urging the government not to be coerced into reactionary apologies.

“Let bygones be bygones. The government should not be coerced into making reactionary subjective apologies for Gukurahundi by forces pursuing neo-colonial polarising agenda” wrote Mpofu in his recently published book On the Shoulders of the Struggle Memoirs of a Political Insider.

Mpofu said there was no need for another formal apology since this was done in 1987 when Zapu and Zanu PF signed the unity accord.

“The unity Accord formalized the needed reconciliation process as it brought the key stakeholder political entities to map out of conflict towards durable national healing,” Mpofu added.

Speaking to Josey News Network political commentator Innocent Mangwiro said it was tragic for Mpofu to urge people to let go of the pains of losing loved ones without getting closure.

“How can do you expect people to forgive you if you have never acknowledged that you committed a crime against them. It’s strange how Gukurahundi perpetrators, enablers, and beneficiaries always demand forgiveness from a people to whom they never acknowledged the atrocities committed,” Mangwiro said.

He further said the people that have been demanding forgiveness are the ones that have blood in their hands.

“The only people that want us to forget are the ones with blood on their hands. How can you expect people to forget when the same tactics are still being used, soldiers and police still force people to sing Zanu PF songs that on its own says Gukurahundinever ended,” Mangwiro added.

Mangwiro further said the comment by Mpofu who is from the Ndebele tribe was another attempt by the Zanu PF government to block victims from getting closure.

The Gukurahundiwhich took place in the southern part of Zimbabwe is termed by many civic leaders as genocide by the government against minorities who supported Zapu during the period 1980 and 1987.

According to the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), more than 2020 000 Zimbabweans from the Ndebele tribe were left dead while 100 000 became homeless.

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